Looking to directly help the people most affected by Seattle's housing crisis?

Volunteering with one of the many outstanding organizations serving people experiencing or recovering from homelessness is a great start. 

As part of our mission to organize and educate the tech community, Tech 4 Housing runs a volunteer matching service. We connect individuals, teams and companies to nonprofits working on the front lines of the homelessness crisis. Whether you're looking for a one time educational experience or a regular monthly service opportunity, we'll work with you to find a volunteer experience that educates and inspires, while helping those most in need.

We have over thirty technology projects waiting for volunteers.

Some examples of potential projects include:

  • FareStart wants to develop a mobile app to support food recovery of “short shelf life” items from local business with excess food.

  • The Downtown Emergency Services Center wants help creating a system that will connect thousands of homeless or recently-housed individuals with survival items like clothing, soap, blankets, and more.

  • WeCount wants help building its next generation platform for connecting people experiencing homelessness with donations and social services.

Web development skills are in high demand, but so are project management, business process, design and communications skills. Whatever your expertise, you can help!

IS your Nonprofit seeking volunteers and deeper connections with the tech community?

Want to help with our organizing and education efforts?

Tech 4 Housing is itself entirely volunteer run. See our Get Involved page or write to us at contact@tech4housing.org.