Attend an upcoming MHA hearing!

The Mandatory Housing Affordability-"Citywide" public hearing process continues in District 1 (West Seattle, South Park) on June 5, and we're calling on neighbors and advocates to come together to send a strong message: Living our values as a welcoming city means creating housing that's affordable to all of our neighbors, not just the wealthy—or lucky—few.

The Seattle City Council is considering legislation to implement the groundbreaking new MHA program in neighborhoods across the city. By requiring new commercial and residential development to contribute to affordable housing, and by allowing for more diverse housing options in Seattle's opportunity-rich neighborhoods, MHA will leverage the growth our city is experiencing to create over 6,300 affordable homes in the next ten years—and we need supporters to help push this program across the finish line!

We’re asking the tech community to come out in support of abundant and affordable housing. Hearings focus on certain districts, and we encourage residents from all of Seattle to show their support.